Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Neon Pink

I love color there is no mistaking that! I recently was browsing online at jcrew.com and I fell in love with their toothpick skinny colored denim! How gorgeous are the colors! But the price was more than I was willing to spend. So what is a girl to do? I was in love!

And well, there is eBay! I headed over and bought two pairs from a seller who either bought the wrong size or maybe received them as a gift and were not her style. Or maybe it was destiny, hehe!

I bought the neon pink and neon rose. And both are simply gorgeous colors and fit like a glove. I actually bought one pair in size 25 and the other in 26 because I am unfamiliar with J Crew sizing. And both fit well. I must say I like the 25 a bit better. I believe there sizing runs on the larger side.

Neon Rose Toothpick Jeans - J Crew

Pink Gingham Perfect Shirt - J Crew

Animal Print Stacked Pumps - Sam Edelman

Turquoise Necklace - J Crew

Neon Pink Toothpick Jeans - J Crew

Plaid Colored Shirt - Target

Blush Pumps - Sam Edelman

White Necklace - Vintage

Quilted French Gray Bag - Kate Spade

I am also thinking of getting yellow. What do you think? If I find an amazing deal, I might! My birthday is coming up this weekend, I might splurge on a few things. We shall see ;)

So ladies, if you haven't already, you should try a pair of colored denim! And send me a photo!

Till next time.

Always Lovely,



  1. I <3 Jcrew :0) love the outfits! I have the denim in yellow and LOVE them! I think they look great with navy striped pieces. I'm just starting out blogging as well, its so much fun! Glad I finally took the plunge! Congratulations, your blog is beautiful!


    1. You have yellow?! I want to see a photo dear :) I will head over to your blog. Thanks so much!

  2. Hello, Luba!
    How nice to look at the trendy moms like you! I love your pink pants!
    Do you remember the Russian language? You can write in their native language? I am from Kazakhstan)))

  3. Hi Ksenia, love your name! And thank you for visiting! I do speak Russian! I don't know how I would write in Russian on my blog. Is there an option on the computer? I think I can add a translate button. I will look into it. Wow you are across the globe, how cool is that! Thanks for following, do you have a blog?

  4. Thank you, I am very pleased!
    Yes, I'm blogging, it is about all))))) I'm also new to blogging LOL!
    Add java - a translator who will be interesting to read a translation of your blog.
    I would be happy to read your updates! I'll take with you an example - you are very stylish mom!


  5. super gorgeous!!!!! please do always outfit of the day...! do you have youtube chanel, i watched you thought veronicas blog and loveeeee your style!!!! so moreeee and videos will be a hit for you! i can tell

    1. Thank you! I don't have a YouTube channel but you never know maybe one day I will. I actually feel more comfortable talking then writing ;) check out my instagram: Lubalovely
      I do daily outfits. As soon as I become for familiar I will post them on her too with more detail of what I'm wearing. Thanks for following!!

  6. Love these jeans- I like the neon pink ones the best, I was actually just looking for a pair!


    1. Oh thats great! I love both can't decide which I like more, but the pink are definitely more girly ;)

  7. dear luba. which is your instagram page.. i will like to follow your outfits there.

  8. Amazing combination! The necklace on the first one is my favorite :)



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