Wednesday, October 29, 2014

For the Love of Boots

I have this obsession with boots.  It started when I saw my first pair at Aldo when I was 16. Back then Aldo was a hip new place to buy shoes.  The quality was superb and many of the shoes were made in Brazil or Italy.  Something drew me to them.  They were black, pointed toe, and made of butter soft leather!  The lining was pink and they were made in Italy.  I tried them on, and I was sold, I needed to own them!  Have you ever had that moment?  It's magical right?! The way they made me feel, like I can do anything.  Sounds cliche, I know!  I saved for a couple months just to get them.  Back then I worked as a grocery store bagger making $5.75 an hour.  Those were the days!  and I remember the day I finally did, it was heaven!  The anticipation and all the hard work paid off.    I wore does boots to death.  To Seattle, to NYC, and many trips in between.  My shoe cobbler saw me many times over the next couple years with the same boots.  And I still have them!  Since then I have added more boots, but those will always be special!  My mom recently told me she also loved wearing boots in her younger years, hmm..I wonder if it's genetic!?  I am taking care of all mine and definitely going to pass them down to my daughters!

Here are a few of my picks:

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Denim Picks

Can you believe it's almost September?! Wow this summer slipped between our fingers! I have been living by the pool and beach almost everyday.  My girls are little fish and can't get enough of the water and who blames them, we all need sunshine to thrive and some water to cool off :)

So with fall right around the corner, I know most of us will be pulling out our jeans again.  I still wear some of mine but mostly boyfriend jeans since they are effortless and comfy. 

I really love the online store Revolve Clothing.  They have such a large selection and here are the best parts, are you ready?!

They match competitors prices and no tax!!  That is huge!  Shipping is free and  your order will be at your door step in 2-3 days (They use Priority Shipping)!!  It can't get better than that!  Well it does, they also have free return and exchanges!

And they always have great coupon codes, use the coupon code TULIP to save an additional 10% off. Yeah so all these things together really is pretty awesome!  I have bought a few things and got dirt cheap prices and amazing customer service!

So let's say you found a pair of jeans at Nordstrom for $50 bucks, check to see if Revolve has them, and they will match their price, and you won't have to pay tax and get in order much faster!  Just a little tip from someone who loves a bargain :)

Here are my picks:

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