Monday, March 18, 2013

Nordstrom & Crewcuts Recent Buys for Baby/Toddler

Here are a few things I picked up for Masha for upcoming spring/summer season.  Some of my favorite places to shop for her are Crewcuts, Nordstrom, and Zara.  And locally, TJ Maxx, Target, and Baby Gap always has tons of affordable unique finds.  

I always use Ebates to earn cash back on online purchases.  If you are new, they will send you a gift card with your first purchase with ANY online retailer found on their site! Can't say enough good things about it, love getting a deposit into my paypal account every couple months ;)

What is your favorite place to shop for your baby/toddler?

I am officially obsessed with Salt Waters.  These Red beauties are comfy and stylish.  Love the scalloped edges and laser-cut hearts.  Masha always reaches for  these or her navy pair (different style).  I have yet to test them in the water since it's still a bit chilly for the beach.
 I heard the childs foot molds to the shoe, similar to Robeez (my favorite baby shoes EVER made)
This is her 2nd Pair of Toms.  A great everyday shoe, especially for the park because bark always seems to creep into her sandals.  I decided on the black because since its made of canvas, dirt is  noticable.  Plus its a classic and can be passed down to boy/girl. These look too cute on little feet and super easy to get on.  I have been eyeing these mary jane style ones. Perfect for the park with cute spring dresses :)
Love Joe's Jeans for little ones.  They are comfortable around the waist and material is very durable.  They always come out with fun colors every season, and I try to pick up at least one, and this lavender color (neon purple), was way too cute (and I have a similar pair so we can match!!)
I love Mini Boden and there was no way I can pass up polka dot socks.  Comes with 7 pairs, so one for each day of the week.  This would also make a great baby shower gift!!
And if you already know me, I love tights on babies.  These Mini Boden tights are on sale!
If you follow me on Instagram (Lubalovely), you probably saw Masha wearing this adorable
Crew Cuts hooded stripe dress.  Its a great lil dress for year round.  Add a cute Wee One hair bow and your doll is set.
Love this boatneck sailor top from Crewcuts.  It's classic, 100% cotton, and I love the the three quarter sleeves.  Great little top for spring.
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  1. seriously love your taste, and LOVE this post xO!

  2. Thank you sweetie! I love your posts too!!


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