Monday, July 8, 2013

18 weeks Pregnancy Update

Is it just me, or does the 2nd pregnancy seem to go by faster?  I am finally feeling great and have energy to do the daily stuff I was (to say the least) slacking on.  I had my prenatal appointment last Wednesday, and I'm definitely finally starting to gain weight.  I started off at 115 before I was pregnant, and I'm at 122 at 18 weeks.  My twins are probably half of that weight because my back has been killing me lately.  I had a nice break and enjoyed the smaller size, now they have exploded again.   I'm trying to find an excuse to go get a massage.  One thing that has been helping me though is stretching! Seriously a life saver.  I haven't been working out, but I do go swimming at the pool and take walks with Masha.  Trying to stay active as much as possible. 
 I finally felt a kick a couple days ago! I can't wait to feel them more often.  The flutters started early and every time I listen to the heartbeat, the baby is always kicking up a storm. Masha was the same way.  A very active one! That was one of my favorite things with my first pregnancy.  Other than the nausea and fatigue in my first trimester, everything is going smoothly.  My cravings are mostly Mexican and Italian foods (pasta, salsa, burritos, etc.)  I'm try to make healthy alternatives to these.  One thing I crave like crazy is lemon water!  It's insane how much I want it.  With my first pregnancy, I craved ice like no other.  It was not the best craving, thank goodness I still have all my teeth, lol!  I also love having an occasional coffee or earl grey tea.  I will share what type of supplements/vitamins I am taking soon. 
Next week we find what we are having! I am super excited! I really have no clue because I am not the best at guessing.  With my first I thought I was having a boy (my hubs knew it was a girl from the start).  We don't have a preference, just praying for a healthy baby.  I did ask my midwife what she thought I was having, and she asked me how is this pregnancy similar to last, and it has been almost identical in symptoms.  She said most of the time, it means you might have the same gender, but who knows really.   What have your experiences been?  I'm curious.  What do you guys think I'm having??
Here are a few recent photos:

18 weeks preggo
Theory Blouse, sold out, (Similar here, and here)
Zara Skort (Similar here)
Zara Shoes (Similar here, and here)
Instead of getting another mint tote, I decided on this luggage color.  I absolutely love it! Highly recommend, has tons of compartments, and perfect for a mom on the go.
17 Weeks preggo
Julian Taylor Floral Dress, sold out (Similar here, Love this one)
My lil fish at the fountains
Bathing suit, sold out (Similar tutu style here)
Saltwater sandals  (highly recommend these shoes for littles, perfect for water activities) 
She looks like such a diva here, lol!
White tank (similar here), Gap Shorts, Saltwater sandals, Crewcuts butterfly necklace (similar here and here), hair bow, Sunglasses (Similar here and here)
Flower for mama!
Always on the run.  This girl has sooo much energy!! 
From yesterday, at the pool, playing with daddy.  She is saying "where is daddy" in Russian. 
I can't believe it has been 7 years since we became husband and wife.  The days have flown by, but the memories we have shared will always be close to my heart forever.   Love you Alex!
Thanks for reading! Have a great week!
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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I'm so happy for you and your family. Keep in touch!

    XO Alex


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