Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We are having a GIRL!!! And 19 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I can't believe I am almost half way through my pregnancy!  Last week we found out we are having another girl! We actually talked about it a few days before the ultrasound, and we both had a feeling it would be a girl.  I am beyond excited and thrilled because Masha will grow up with a sister.  A sisters bond is amazing and I am so thankful and happy she will be able to experience that!  

I have been feeling pretty good.  Still have those days were I feel nauseous, but it is definitely nothing compared to my first trimester.  I am living in mostly maxi dresses and comfy jeans or shorts.  At home I love leggings! Garage leggings are some great ones!!  Super comfy and stretchy.  Perfect for my preggo belly.

Here are a few photos: 

Mint Tshirt via TJ Maxx, Similar Here
Zara Destroyed Denim, Similar Here & Here
J Crew Heels, Sold Out, Similar Here, Love these! & These!
Anthropologie Necklace, Sold Out.  Similar Here & Here
Vintage Bangles

At the ultrasound appointment! 
Anthropologie Necklace Sold Out, Similar Here & Here

19 weeks baby bump.  Oh how I love this baby girl! I'm really enjoying the pregnancy hair too! 

Calvin Klein Maxi Dress, Sold Out.  Similar Here & Here

My cutie on our daily walk.  She is so energetic!  She keeps me on my toes, hehe :)

Mint Green Bow, Sold Out, Love this one!

My angel at the fountains.  She is obsessed with sticks, always wants to take them home with us.  

One of my favorite breakfasts: Smoked Salmon on Bagels
Turquoise Coaster, Gift.  Similar Here & Here

One more of Masha.  She is growing up so fast.  Finally let me tie her hair in a pony tail.  My hubs loves her hair like this!  

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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  1. Congratulations! You look absolutely lovely and I'm sure she'll be just as stylish and wonderful as your other little one!

  2. You look so amazing! all belly and tiny everywhere else :) glad you are enjoying your pregnancy!

  3. Congrats! thats perfect she is going to have a sister they will have soo much fun today!

  4. Came across this in Google while doing a search. You are very beautiful!!


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