Tuesday, September 17, 2013

26-28 Weeks Pregnancy Update & Life Lately

Weeks 26-28 flew by!  I am finally in my third trimester.  Honestly there hasn't been significant changes from last couple weeks.  The only thing I noticed was that I run out of breath faster.  Probably because it is super hot and humid some days.  And I sometimes have heart burn.  I noticed drinking a glass of warm milk has helped me.  I checked a few days ago, and I currently weigh 132.  My bump is quite noticeable bigger though.  My shirts/dresses are filling up nicely.  One thing I am not loving is my memory.  I literally have to write everything down because I am quite forgetful.  Did anyone else experience this during pregnancy?

I had my glucose tolerance test and thank goodness it is over with.  My hubs came with me and was a major support.  I love how he always will make room in his busy schedule for me if I need him. I have my prenatal appointment tomorrow so it will be interesting to see my results.

Enjoying my days with my little one and friends.  Anytime I have a free moment, I love spending it with family.  I love our evening walks.  Masha always manages to notice every rabbit and chases them down.  She is definitely a funny one!

Here are a few photos from the last couple weeks:

 Yummy coffee from Black Gold Coffee Roasters.  Check it out if you are in my area.  Amazing breakfast & lunch choices too.

28 Weeks Preggo!  Love wearing dresses. 
Still manage to wear most heels (I do carry flats with me though, hehe.)

Muse Mint Dress, Similar here and here.  LOVE this one!!
Zara Heels  (My FAV HEELS!)  Similar here and here

My beautiful bestie Elle is visiting from Seattle.  She is also preggo, couple weeks behind me.  So awesome to catch up!

Love this top & bottom 

My little beauty enjoying her favorite place!

Swimsuit (sold out), Love this one!

At Siesta Key.  The water is perfect!

Love this yellow swimsuit I picked up recently.  


At the lab about to take the glucose test.  Did anyone try the other flavors they offer?

My hubs took me out for breakfast after the test.  Check out Upper Crust Café & Bakery on the island. Such a cute little restaurant with scrumptious food!  Their crepes are mouthwatering!

My princess eating her favorite fruit, Kiwi.  I buy these at Trader Joe's, a pack of 6 organic kiwis for $2.50!  Can't beat that!!

Hello Kitty Swimsuit (She loves this one so much!), Red Hair Bow, Heart Sunnies via Target

27 Weeks Preggo!  Love oversized dresses in fun prints.  Asos has some great ones that are non maternity.  Sign up for their newsletter and get 10 bucks off.  I love their fast/free shipping!!

Asos Dress (Sold out) Love this style
Zara Flats Similar here and here

28 weeks Preggo! Wore this yesterday for a day spent with sisters.  Absolutely love white lace dresses!   Definitely need to have more days like that!

White Lace Dress (Sold out) Similar here and here

My cutie at Black Gold Coffee Roasters. Their breakfast sandwiches are delicious!

Waiting for the fountains to turn on :) 

Busy bee at the pool :)

Swim Suit (sold out) Love this Juicy One, White Hair Bow

Love taking her to the park to get all that energy out!

Crew Cuts Tank, Gap Shorts ( Perfect for play, Love these and these, Gap Hair Bow (in store only) Similar here, Pink Patent Sandals,  Similar here and here 

26 Weeks Preggo!  Wild fox has the most unique and softest tees ever! Love this one, such a darling top.  Love wearing wedges too.  I feel like they provide more balance especially now that I am further along.

Wild Fox Tee (sold out) Similar here and here
Zara White Skort (sold out) Similar here and here
YSL Wedges (sold out) Love these!

First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.  Love this treat ;) Who else is with me?!

I am a huge Mexican food fan.  Love homemade tacos and Chili.  Yummy!

If you haven't tried the Aveda Damage Control Brilliant Spray yet, you are missing out.  I am obsessed with this product!! Smells divine!  Right after I wash my hair I spray it on, and blow dry.  No knots or tangles and helps hair last longer between washes.  Highly recommend!!

Typical breakfast.  I usually eat breakfast about an hour after I have my morning smoothie.   Love having eggs with fruit and a cup of Kefir.  And everyone knows my obsession with lemon water.   I have a pitcher of this all day everyday.  

Pig tails are so cute on her!

She is a lil lion I tell you!  

Pink Floral Swimsuit (sold out) Love this ballerina one!

My sweetheart admiring the gorgeous view :)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Great photos and I love your blog! Something a bit different! Now following on GFC, follow back?


    1. Thanks! I love your latest outfit on your blog. Seems we both have a love for Zara ;)

  2. Woah Luba, you are such a beautiful pregnant woman!! Like you seriously look FANTASTIC! I love how stylish you are too. Thanks for sharing girl xo

    1. Thank you Lauren! That is so kind of you to say!


  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy , you're really pretty and that mint green dress it's absolutely adorable xd


  4. you look beautiful in every shot :)

  5. you look absolutely amazing! :) I wish I had been as stylish as you when I was pregnant!

    1. Thanks V! Pregnancy definitely brings out my creativity ;)

  6. omg! you are totally glowing!!! such a gorgeous mom-to-be!! :D awesome awesome! :D

    Animated Confessions

    1. Thank you so much! I'm blushing, you are too kind!


  7. stunning pregnancy style, and your little one is already a beauty!
    xo A

  8. You still look amazing even when preggers :* Cannot wait to see your little bundle of joy, your daughter must be excited as well <3

    XO, Michi

    1. Thank you!! Yes she is super excited! Always sings songs to the baby!


  9. You look great!! Could you pretty please do a tutorial of how you did the bun in the picture where you're wearing the wildfox tee? My hair is the same lenght as yours and I can never do (or have it stay in place) a bun to save my life despite watching all those sock buns and other tutorials on youtube - would greatly appreciate it!!

    1. Thank you sweetie! It is quite simple. I use two bands. Make sure to use the type that doesn't pull the hair. First do a high pony tail. Then wrap it around nicely at the base and tie it with the other band. Tuck in any lose ends and use a couple bobby pins to secure. A little bit of hair spray can help hold it too :) I don't do the sock bun because I have enough hair to do on my own. Hope that helps!



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