Tuesday, November 26, 2013

37-38 Weeks Pregnancy Update and Life Lately

37-38 Weeks: So here I am days (or weeks) away from birth and I am in nesting mode! It's crazy how strong the urge to get everything ready really is.  I have been doing laundry non stop, and organizing EVERYTHING.  Even things that probably don't even matter.

I missed one of my prenatal appointments recently.  Baby girl was pushing on my pelvic bone and it was just not comfortable to drive.  So this last appointment, I had my mom drive me.  I'm weighing in at just about 140 pounds;  I have gained a total of 25 pounds so far.  My midwife also said I was 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Everything is moving so quickly!!

Here are photos from last couple weeks:

Had a girl's night at Melting Pot.  I have been a couple times and every time I enjoy it.  Of course, the desert was my favorite, however the first course with the cheese dip is AMAZING! I highly recommend trying it at least once for the experience. 
 My doll heading to grandmas.  I picked up some Freshly Picked Moccasins a couple months ago when they were having a sale and I love how comfy they are! Masha loves them, perfect for play! I decided on the red (I also got a matching pair for Masha's sister :)
37 Weeks Pregnant.  I have been loving Zara's fall/winter collection this year! Picked up several items for the colder days ahead.
One of my go to snacks:  Raw Almonds, Walnuts, and Raspberries.
 I love drinking lemon water! So refreshing. 
My cutie is an expert at using the elevator ;)
Denim Jacket, Knit Leggings, Top, Hat, Boots Sold Out (Similar here and here)
37 Weeks Pregnant
Late night errands, loving the cooler weather!
BCBG Body Con Skirt, Sold Out (Similar here and here)
Leather Knee High Boots, Sold Out, (Similar here and here)
Kate Spade Hat Sold Out, (Cute Option)
37 Weeks Pregnant
Trench Coat Sold Out, (Similar here and here)
Uggs Moto Boots Sold Out, (Similar here and here)
Love a red nail!
My sweet angel!  She still naps around 3 hours a day, so thankful!

  My new diaper bag.  So excited to use it!  When I saw it, I just fell in love with the color and how spacious it was!
Enjoying the sun! I love having days like this ;) 
Trying out a new mexican restaurant with my love.  Check out Plaza Mexican Bar & Grill.  Their salsa and dips are incredible, and my main course (enchiladas) were delish!!
Taking a shopping break.  Love her excitement when she saw all the Christmas d├ęcor at the mall!
38 Weeks Pregnant
Dress via Nordstrom Sold Out, (Love this one)
Truth Pride Leather Jacket Sold Out (Similar here in black, white option)
Zara Flats Sold Out (Similar here and here)
Sundays are my fav! 
Truth Pride Leather Jacket Sold Out (Similar here in black, white option)
Sunglasses Sold Out, (Similar here and Craving these Russian Doll Sunnies!)
My cutie adding to her stick collection :)
Top, Crew Cuts Leggings Sold Out Similar here,  Zara Boots, J Crew Mini Edie Purse,
Leopard Hat via Target Sold Out, Similar here
38 Weeks Preggo:
Taking advantage and hanging out with just hubs and I.  Love how he brings out my crazy/happy side.
Top, Trouve Leather Jacket Sold Out (Similar here), Leggings, Boots, AA Clutch 
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!
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  1. Oh you look so lovely!!! My sister is pregnant too and some of your awesome outfits have given me some great ideas!


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