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Dressing for Pregnancy: Formal Occasions

Pregnancy is truly a magical time. But sometimes, it doesn’t always feel that way; especially when it comes to fashion. To the women out there that feel like their pregnancy is preventing them from dressing up, I am happy help you.  Here is your guide to dressing for pregnancy for any formal occasion:


Have an important meeting at work? Whether it is daytime or night time, I have some good news; suits are still a GO! Below are some tips to help you look polished and professional:

Don’t let your beautiful baby bump get in the way of wearing your go to suit.  The first thing to remember is that dark bottoms are always flatteringly slimming, while brighter, lighter colors will make the area look bulkier. Try a high-waisted skirt, like the ones from Asos and make sure it is long enough to glide over your bump and cover your legs at the same time.  I absolutely love this one here, and it comes with a longer length if you are going for the midi style or are a taller height.

Going for pants? Try a maternity trouser like these to balance out your frame.

Pair your bottoms with a gentle top that isn’t constricting and floats across your belly. Chiffon is always a great material (especially in lighter shades). Because your bottoms are dark, we want to use softer shades to add some vitality to your appearance and highlight the fresh expectant glow in your cheeks.  Love this one cream top here with the unexpected double scallop, and it also comes in a dazzling emerald color;  perfect for the holidays!

You want to have a blazer to finish your suit. Color-wise, it’s best to have a blazer similar to the color of your bottoms. If you want to play around with patterns, this is the perfect way! For a more flattering look, try and avoid patterns that stretch horizontally. Instead, aim for vertically inclined motifs with a design that is compact rather than loosely sprawled; This will allow your eye to travel up and down with one fluid motion rather than hover on one specific area.  I absolutely love this one here.  Love the slim lapels and open front.  It is stylish, professional and comfortable all in one.


If you want to wear heels, make sure they are stable and you are able to walk in them.  I would say keep it under 4 inches unless your a pro ;) Take a practice run at home.  Otherwise, flats are a completely acceptable option and give you a lot of freedom to play around with pattern and color while always being flattering.   Here are a few options I would go with:

Jimmy Choo Agnes in Nude.  Love the this Red version too!

Pregnancy should never be an excuse not to go out and have a good time!  Whether you’re getting ready for “girl’s night out” or date night, here are some tips that will give you a chic look for any evening soiree:
You want to look polished and put together? Go for higher necklines. This doesn’t mean to constrict yourself to turtlenecks, but a flattering boat neckline, sweetheart top, or any other straight across style will help us balance ourselves out. While there is nothing wrong with showing off some pregnancy cleavage, doing this in excess can make you come across as heavier overall. Love these options:


Maxi dresses are a wonderful option for the perfect night out. They skim over your curves and elongate your form from the waist down with the long, vertical ruching. Solid maxi dresses are always a great pick, especially if they have some small detailing such as beading or a cool stamp or print. These make your outfit pop! Here are two beautiful options:


Play up your best features! Yes, your body is changing, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still look gorgeous. Use accessories and materials to guide the eye to your assets. Bracelets can show of your slender fingers, sparkly studs can showcase your beautiful smile and hair accessories can show off your lovely curls.   Here are some fun and pretty options:


From weddings to church, there exists plenty of occasions in which you want to look polished and refined without the professional edge of the workplace attire or the sexiness of your nighttime garb.  Below are some pointers to keep in mind:
Baby Doll style dresses always seem to be the go-to style for daytime formal events. However, as a general rule; you never want to get swallowed by your clothes. Therefore, try pairing your looser pieces with more fitted ones. For example, pair your baby doll dress with a jacket or cinch it with a cute belt like this one from Nordstrom’s.  Love this dress:


Coloring is crucial. While you will most likely want to don a lighter tint during the daytime, try to stick to one consistent pigment so the eye easily travels up-and-down your frame for a flattering effect.  Choose a color that compliments your skin tone.  Love this one here:



Are pregnant and planning a wedding?  It is very common for pregnant women to don a white wedding dress, which can present some fitting challenges.  Below are some ideas to keep in mind when browsing for your bridal gown:

Do not attempt to hide your bump underneath a full, puffy skirt. Instead, opt for a flowing empire-waist dress or an A-line silhouette. Both these designs naturally cinch higher up on your torso, minimizing your bump and hugging you at your tiniest spot. To give you a good idea about what’s out there, check out the helpful selection of maternity wedding dresses offered by David’s Bridal 

Choose lighter fabrics.  You’re more likely to become overheated when pregnant, so textiles that are breathable will be appreciated as you walk down the aisle.

Fingers tend to swell during pregnancy, so consider having a mock ring used during the ceremony so you don’t have to worry about the band not being large enough or having to resize the jewelry later.
Draw attention to your neck and face with a necklace, sweetheart or trick neckline, or a shorter veil.  Here are a two of my favorites:

I hope to have helped you with some new ideas to try out!  Pregnancy should never be an excuse to turn down an RSVP because you have "nothing to wear".  Life is a celebration, so enjoy yourself while looking classy and chic and remember to smile, that is your best accessory!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fabulous weekend!




  1. These are great inspirations! I'm 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow so while I have a bit of time before my bump shows greatly, I'm so excited to dress it up. I looked through some of your previous posts and you are gorgeous in general, and especially with your pregnancy glow!


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