Friday, August 30, 2013

24-25 weeks Pregnancy Update & Lovely Things

Weeks 24-25 have been good to me!  I had my prenatal appointment Wednesday, and my hubs came with me. Seeing his reaction when he heard the baby's heartbeat, took me back to when I was pregnant with Masha.  The love in his eyes;  priceless! Since my last appointment a month ago, I have gained four pounds.  I an weighing in at 130 now.  It is definitely noticeable!  Like I mentioned in my last update, I can see a lot of the weight in my bust and lately in my backside too ;) I didn't notice at first, but recently I was like "where did YOU come from?!". 
My cravings have been mostly fruits and burgers.  One of my favorite places to shop is Trader Joes.  Great prices on produce and my favorite berries.  I also always pick up a bunch of different snacks like almonds, sunflower seeds, cliff bars, and apple sauce. Whenever I am out and about, you never though when hunger will strike.  Especially since I am constantly running after a two year old (Mom's of toddlers, I know you can relate!). 
I am so thankful that Masha still naps three hours a day.  Often times, it really gives me some time to catch up on paperwork for our business and make dinner.  If I am really tired, I just lay down myself. And let me tell you how awesome it is to get a power nap!  One thing that is out of the way is potty training.  That was my MAJOR goal for this year.  It  takes a lot of stress off my shoulders because I really didn't want to deal with a newborn and potty training.  Potty training is a full time job, no kidding.  It really is about being consistent and rewarding the child.  After a while, it comes automatically. 
Overall I am feeling energetic.  My bump is getting heavier and I can see it taking a toll on my back.   I have my glucose screening coming up in a couple weeks. Trying to stay positive about that since my experience with Masha was not the best.  Either way, I am excited for the weeks to come.  Can't wait to meet this little angel.
Here are some photos:
24 weeks pregnant! Anna Maria Island with family and friends.  I love going here!!
VS Swimsuit Top (Similar here & here) & Seafolly Bottom  (Similar here & here)
My lil one telling a boy to "Be Careful".  Cutest thing ever.
Late night snacking :)
 Love my Upsie Belly Support!  It has been a life saver and really helps with my posture.  I don't wear it all the time, but usually whenever I feel pain, I put it on.  Probably later on in pregnancy, it will come more in handy.  I highly recommend this if you are petite with a large bust.
I love Joe Muggs Cafe!  Don't go here often but I had a huge sweet tooth and was craving their Mocha Frappe.  THE best!  Here is Masha mesmerized by all the sweets :)
My sunshine!
Crewcuts Dress Sold Out (Similar here & here), Boutique Shoes Sold Out (Similar here & here), Hair Bow
Masha loves animals! She will literally see a dog and start running after it.  I always have to chase her down and ask if it is ok to pet.  Luckily our neighbor has the sweetest dog.  He is deaf and older, and he puts up with all of Masha's funny tricks. 
Gap tank , Gap shorts, Zara leopard shoes  Sold Out (Similar here & here& here), Joyfolie Hair Clip
 Picked up some matching bathing suits for my girls!
How precious is this outfit! Love shopping for little girl clothing.
These two are my world!
Teaching Masha to ride her bike.  She wanted to wear her mittens and hat ALL day! I let her of course, she finally figured it was too hot half way through our walk.  Kids do the funniest things, I tell ya!
Gap Tank, Gap Shorts Sold Out ( Love these & these), Salt Water Sandals, Radio Flyer Tricycle
My ultimate craving!  A Juicy Cheeseburger with all the works.  Yummy!!
Our family's morning ritual:  Green Smoothie
Tastes delicious and Masha has a cup too!  Love the energy after one of these!  We buy either local or organic produce.   We always mix up our ingredients but here is the basic one that we use:
Romaine Leaves
Half Lemon Squeezed
Apple (peeled)
Flax Seed Oil
Chai Seeds
(I do everything by eye)  If you have any smoothie recipes, please share.
My cutie on the elevator.  How cute are her pigtails?!
Crewcuts Tank, Crewcuts Skirt Sold Out (Similar here & here),  Salt Water Sandals
Love having a pool by our place.  Great to escape if we don't go to the beach.  Plus I love swimming as exercise.
25 Weeks Pregnant! 
Truth Pride Blazer Sold Out (Similar here & here), Wildfox tee Sold Out (Similar here & here), Zara Jeans Sold Out (Love these & these), J Crew Panama Hat
Visiting one of my fav spots: Le Petite Bistrot, a cute little French bistro on Venice Island.  Love their crepes!!
My little flower :)  She loves her accessories.  Always asks to put on her bracelets or necklace.  I love the options at Gap and Crewcuts!
Gap Tank, Shorts Sold Out (Similar here & here), Joyfolie Shoes, Gap Bracelets Sold Out, Love these & these 
She makes me so happy!
25 1/2 Weeks Pregnant.  Luckily I still fit in most of my regular clothing, but I do love wearing a few of the pieces I picked up from Asos.  Love their maternity selection!
I also got a hair cut finally! I have been putting it off, but had a day to myself (Thank you Grandparents!!) and went to see my favorite spot, James Griffith Salon.  Jill is miracle worker! After my hair cut, I felt like a million bucks.  I seriously could not believe it was my hair.  Check it out if your in my area.
AG Destroyed Jeans  Sold Out (Similar here & here), Gap Tank, Zara Heels  Sold Out (Similar here & here), J Crew Panama Hat, Kate Spade Pink Purse (Similar here & here and Love this one)
Thank you for reading!
Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week!
P.S. With Labor Day, comes tons of great sales, especially online.  Make sure to use Ebates, and earn cash back and get a free Target gift card too!


  1. I love Joyfolies shoes. I don't own a pair for the girls, but I admire her work. You are looking lovely as always. Your pregnancy is going by fast! I'm in desperate need of a haircut...and color at that. It's just gotten harder to arrange the time.

    1. I always take advantage of their sales! Especially when it is like 40% off sale price. Yeah I feel you! I actually don't even color my hair because it is too much maintenance. Plus I would rather get a massage lol! Hope you can find a time to do it, it really makes such a huge difference :)))


  2. you look great with your bump!! good that u are craving fruits!! your craving will fulfil your vitamin requirements!! I just crave junk food :(

    1. Thank you! Oh I sometimes want junk food too especially chocolate chip cookies ;)


  3. OMG girl it's been so long since I've been here, don't know how it got lost in my bookmarks, but it did! Congrats on your pregnancy, SO excited for you!!! Hope you're feeling great! xo

  4. OMG girl it's been so long since I've been here, don't know how it got lost in my bookmarks, but it did! Congrats on your pregnancy, SO excited for you!!! Hope you're feeling great! xo

    1. Thanks girly! I love your new blog! It's my daily inspiration! U seriously have the best style girlfriend.



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