Thursday, October 17, 2013

30-32 Weeks Pregnancy Update & Life Lately

Weeks 30-32:  Still can't believe how fast all of it is flying by.  I had my prenatal appointment at 30 weeks, and everything is looking good.  I actually don't need to see my midwife until first week of November since everything is going smoothly.   I weighed in at a little less than 132.  I truly feel like I am all belly.  I literally walk like a penguin, hehe!  I don't have a very long torso, so my belly is quite visible.  I finally went to see my dentist last week, and she was surprised at how well my teeth looked.  So was I!  She said to keep doing what I'm doing.  I'm guessing the apples I have been snacking on have been doing the trick ;)  I did increase my calcium intake, so that can also be aiding in my teeth staying strong ad healthy.  And I use a regular tooth brush, nothing fancy (even though I might invest in one in the near future).

For the last week, I have been having leg cramps at night.  I had these with my first pregnancy and completely forgot about them.   And my the acid reflux is also a not so fun symptom.  I really need to eat smaller meals now because if I stuff myself, that usually causes it.  This baby girl is super active, I would say even more so than Masha was.  I am very curious to see how much she will weigh at birth considering I am much smaller this time around.

Overall, I feel great!  Definitely have less energy than I did in my 2nd trimester.  I keep up my daily walks (morning & evenings) and it seems to help.  It is a bit cooler now, mostly due to less humidity.  Can I say I'm absolutely loving it!    Masha has been keeping me busy.  We are always out and about.  Love when my hubs has a day off, she is such a daddy's girl.  Love watching them play together.  Can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend!

Here are some photos from last couple weeks:

 Maternity Photos at 32 Weeks Preggo.  Love how they turned out!! 

Love her more than words can describe!

Heading to get a PSL ;)

30 Weeks Preggo! Love this body-con dress I picked up at Nordstrom.
A few products I have been loving lately:
My hubby's famous Philly Cheese Steak Subs! He is such an incredible cook!!
30 Weeks Preggo.  I love flowy lace dresses in neutral colors!
Lace Ivory Dress, Sold out (Similar here, here, and here)
 Heading to my prenatal appointment at 30 Weeks.
Zara Jeans (Similar here & here)
Zara flats (Similar here & here)
Henri Bendel Bangle, Sold Out (Love this one!)
Can you tell I love all shades of blue ;)
Henri Bendel Bangle, Sold Out (Love this one!)
Turquoise Ring (Similar option)
One of my all time favorites: Homemade Borsht 
My sleepy head running errands with mama.
Shirt, Sold Out (Similar here & here)
Gap Skirt, Sold Out (Similar here & here)
Pepe Shoes, Sold Out (Similar here & here
Her face when she doesn't get her way.  
She wanted a huge pumpkin and I told her a small one will due for now, hehe.   
Wedding at 31 Weeks Preggo.
Red Dress Sold Out (Love these options: 1, 2, 3)
Vintage Clutch (Love this one & this one)
Henri Bendel Bangle, Sold Out (Love this one!)
Love this unexpected photo my hub took.  Baby bump in all its glory.  The weather here is quite amazing, spending as much time as possible before water gets cooler.
Red Bikini top & bottom
My sweetheart :)
Juicy Couture Swimsuit, Sold Out (Love these: 1, 2, 3)
Lunch at Sharky's on the Pier.  Great spot right on the beach, I love going here when the weather is cooler and eating outside.  Definitely check it out if you are in the area.
Love their clam chowder soup, oh so delicious! 
My little explorer :)
Crewcuts Tank, Sold Out (Similar here)
Excited for her walk with mama!
Zara romper (Similar here & here)
 Love loose tees and destroyed denim!
Wildxox tee, Sold Out (Love this one!)
 Zara Jeans (Similar here & here)
Henri Bendel Bangles, Sold Out (Love this one!)
Masha watching daddy blow up her boat.  Love this shot! 
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


  1. Hi Luba!
    I just came across you're blog yesterday and it is really lovely as the name suggests :-)
    I'm currently 29weeks pregnant with my first baby, a girl, who were naming Luka! Plus she'll be half Russian (from her dad) and can't wait to meet her in December/January.
    You look gorgeous and little Masha is so cute, can't wait to see you're new little addition and more posts

    1. Wow that is a beautiful name!! Congrats to both of you on your baby girl!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Made me blush :))

  3. I love that Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It's so perfect for my skin!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)

  4. I have the same Origins facial mask and was hesitant to use it since I'm also pregnant (27 weeks). Did you have the same concerns?

    1. No not at all. Origins using amazing ingredients and I only use it couple times a month. It works amazing with my skin. Try it out, if it doesn't work for you, you can always return :)


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