Since the moment I was born, and my parents named me Love (Luba means Love in Russian), I had a drive and passion for life.  To live beautifully and to love with all of myself.  I have a love for styling, and I want to inspire women to take care of themselves from the inside out.  It all starts from eating a wholesome diet and active lifestyle.  I started this blog as an outlet to share my passions and day to day life.  It has a little bit of everything. 

          When we were little girls, we played dress up. 
          Why not continue to have fun with what you wear!  Express yourself and have fun with it.
                                                                  ~ Luba

A wife to an incredible man, and a mother to three little girls. A woman with a passion for fashion, fitness, beauty, and wholesome food.  And most importantly, I have a relationship with God that I hold dear to my heart.  I am on a journey and don't claim to know all the answers, however I am always learning and growing. 
Read a small part of my story here.
Thank you for visiting a part of my life.


  1. Love your blog so glad I found it!


  2. Приветик! Я сейчась нашла твой блог - он так классной! :)) Меня завут Любовь ха-ха it's such a nice coincidence that we have almost the same name. Sorry if I have made huge mistakes in Russian (it's not my native language). :)) You have a very nice blog, which I'll follow from now on :D

    1. Thank you! Are you Russian? My full name is Lubov (Любовь). Nice to meet you Love :)

  3. You are so beautiful and look so healthy. Your wish for other women to feel beautiful too is inspiring.


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