Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

First off I want to wish all the beautiful moms a Happy Mothers Day! Hope everyone was spoiled and had an amazing time with family!  I can't believe this is my 2nd year celebrating as a mom.  I am so blessed to be the mom to my beautiful Maria.  I love her more and more everyday.  She is the sunshine in my life. 

I had a great time at my Mother in Laws.  We had an early dinner, and spent the day relaxing, laughing, and going through Emily's ENORMOUS shoe collection.  She has like a zillion shoes, so entertaining! The guys watched basketbal (of course, hehe).

I wore a Trina Turk dress I bought a while back but this was my first time wearing it. I absolutely love the print. It's like a a watercolor painting. The top part is made of a dark grey jersey. I love the sweetheart cut. And the length is just perfect. Trina Turks's dresses are lined and have such a cute lace slip. I wore my beloved Sam Edelman Blush pumps. These are comfortable considering the height and it's because they are on a platform as well as have an ankle strap.  Perhaps it's because it gives additional support.  Do any of you have this experience?

I recommend these shoes! Here is a link to them at Nordstrom.  I also have them in Red. I bought them on Amazon for a great deal, so always check Amazon before buying anywhere else just in case :)

Has anyone tried the new perfume by Burberry? It's called Body. I'm in heaven! I received it as a gift and let's just say it's one of my new favorites! Its sensual and I adore the scent.

Here is the description from Sephora's website on the fragrance:

Wrapped around a woman, the iconic Burberry trench coat evokes sensuality, femininity, and luxury. In this fragrance, an eclectic composition of fruity-chypre notes envelopes the body, creating a suggestion of effortless seduction. The fragrance opens with a fresh, green touch of absinthe and bright hints of peach and freesia. Elegance emerges in the heart, where cool notes of natural rose absolute and iris are set against the subtlety and warmth of sandalwood. In the base, woody cashmeran and creamy vanilla join the sensuality of amber and musk.

Freesia, Green Absinthe, Peach, Rose, Iris, Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Musk, Amber, Vanilla.
Fruity. Luxurious. Chypre.

If you have a chance check it out at either your local department store or Sephora/Ulta. This one was bought at Saks Fifth Avenue.  I believe it is a limited edition and it came with a black beach bag. I believe their having a special right now.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions on posts. I will start working on them.

P.S. Here are a few pics from today :)

Till next time.

Always Lovely,



  1. Aw your baby is so cute! Great outfit as always, those heels are high!!

    1. Thank you! They are high, I believe 5 inches, but with the platform they are comparable to 3 1/2! That is why I'm a huge fan :)


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