Monday, June 18, 2012

Run to Him

As much as I love my family and friends. As much as I like the latest fashions and dressing up. As much as I like keeping fit and eating right, there is someone that is far more valuable to me then all these things combined. I'll wake up, make myself a cup of coffee, get dressed, and then I run to Him.

Without Him I am a lost child. I struggle to breath, to get through the day. There are days I have a knot in my heart. Do you ever have those days? You can't quite pin point it down, but something is not right. What do I do? Don't question it, run to Him.

He is the closest friend. He knows your deepest, darkest secrets. He understand the struggles. He is there to listen. He is there to help. He is there always. He will wrap you in his love.

Run to Him. Don't wait. He is waiting for you too.

Oh how I need you my dear Jesus. I'm a complete mess without you.

Till next time.

Always Lovely,



  1. that is beautiful, I needed that today. thank you.

  2. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments. Our Savior is so wonderful! And I too am a complete mess without Him.


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