Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 6 Years!

July 1st was our 6 year anniversary! 6 years ago I married my best friend. It has been quite a journey to say the least and we have much to look forward to. It is only the beginning. And I can say having a child makes time fly by even faster!

I am thankful for my hubs. He is the most dedicated man I know. He is generous and loving. He always put us before himself. He is a man's man. Tough as a rock and will work to the bone to provide for his family. He has been there for me through the darkest times. He is my lover, my advisor, my closest friend.

When we first started being friends at 15, I never thought we would ever end up together. It didn't cross my mind. My first reaction when I first met him was, "wow, I love his butt" lol! He was a football player so let's just say he was in the best shape EVER! We just hit it off as friends though and it went on like this until my 19th birthday when I started to open my eyes (and heart). He is incredible! And the thought of not having him in my life scared the heck out of me! That was just the beginning....

Thank you Love for all the wonderful memories! Can't wait to make more with you. And I thank God everyday for you! You are the perfect fit for me and the best daddy to our little angel.

P.S. I included a photo of the dress I wore for our dinner out. If anyone is interested, it's by LC Conrad at Kohls. It's a cute little number I scored last year. The color is like a pink mauve and it is sequins all over. Shoes are a nude pump from Boutique 9. Gift from my mother in law. Love them!

Till next time.

Always Lovely,


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