Monday, July 23, 2012

J Crew Favorites - Toothpick Jeans, No 2 Skirt, Skinny Belt and more...

Ok, there is no denying that I heart J Crew!  They have basic pieces that go with everything.The past two seasons, I have been loving all the new colors especially the neons.  I recently filmed a video on my favorites and here are a few of the items I talked about:

J Crew Toothpick Skinny Jeans : Spearmint

The fit is amazing and the color is stunning!  These have been my go to's for the past couple months.

J Crew Toothpick Skinny Jeans : Neon Rose

Hello Gorgeous! These were love at first sight! Pair with a button up shirt for a classy look.

No 2 Pencil Skirts in Double Serge Cotton - Succulent Green & Neon Pink

I am completely obessed with these skirts! The fit is classic.  The colors are vibrant.  Perfect for the office, church, honestly any occasion were you want to look put together. I have two of the colors, Succulent Green and Neon Pink.  They are currently on sale on the website, but in store they are a bit cheaper. The material is breathable for summer and these can definitely be worn year round!

Cafe Capri Wool Pants in Camel

Timeless, Classic, a go to for when you want to look like a "grown up" if you know what I mean.  They are lightweight and just a great pair of neutral pants.  These are a great transitional piece for fall/winter.

Skinny Patent Belt in Neon Azalea

AHH Moment! This belt adds a pop of color to any outfit.  I love wearing it with dresses and my J Brand Houlihan pants.  Also looks great with the No. 2 skirts.  What am I kidding, it looks amazing wth anything! Great for year round.  A classic!

Gingham Perfect Shirt - Pink

LOVE! I seriously wear this shirt ALL the time! Washes great and is super soft and breathable! A timeless print that will be in my closet a long time!  I own several other colors as well however PINK is my favorite.

Cotton V-Neck Spearmint Sweater

When I saw this sweater, I had to have it! Lightweight, perfect for layering, and the color is perfect for this season. 

Here is a link to the video:

Also want to mention most of these items are on SALE! Check out your local J Crew.  Online prices tend to be higher.  And if you see the No. 2 Skirt in Light Rose, Size 0 or 00.  Let me know which store! I am on a lookout for a deal, LOL! 

Also THANK YOU to my subscribers! I love all of you! Thank you for tuning in and your support!

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  1. I loved this video!! I want to buy all of those things, haha.

    1. LOL! I know how you feel. Many of the stores are still doing the 40 % off clearance. So some of these basic pieces are totally worth buying!


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