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Vitacost Order - Natural and Organic Products - Toothpaste, Prenatal Vitamins, Body Wash and more...

Yay! I received my order recently! I love using this site! They sell natural/organic products at discounted prices.  If you want $10.00 off your first order, scroll down for a link.

Here is a list of products I love and repurchase on regular basis:

New Chapters Organics Perfect Prenatals:  I have been using these for the past 2 + years and I love them.  Ok they don't taste like candy, let's be honest, most vitamins don't, but I love that you can take them without eating. Love how this is organic and uses real food sources to give you and your baby the vitamins rather than synthetic sources.  It is easily absorbed and I feel like the best on the market.   I recently got a trim and haven't had one for the past year or so and the stylist said most likely the reason for my hair being healthy is because of pregnancy and prenatals.  I highly recommend these.

Jason Toothpastes: Amazing! They don't contain flouride.  This is just a personal preference for our family, and they all taste great and leave my teeth white, clean, and refreshed.  I have been using this brand for the past 4+ years and for reference, the prices are much cheaper than Whole Foods.

Tom's of Maine Flouride Free Children's Natural Toothpaste: Great for toddlers and children. She loves the strawberry flavor, I have tried it, and it's yummy.  Gentle cleaning and helps prevent plague build up.  Also I'm not worried about her swallowing it since there is no flouride.  I also bought a tooth brush for her from this site.  For reference its the Smile Bright Smile Bunnies in Extra Soft Nylon and it's a great price $1.65.

Alba Botanica Bath and Shower Gel in Honey Mango:  Can you just say HEAVEN! I love the scent, it reminds me of the tropics.  I bought a huge bottle because it is a better deal and will last a LONG time.  It is Hypo-allergenic and pH Balanced.  Free of detergents and parabans.  I try to say away from those as much as possible.  It doesn't dry my skin out and leaves it feeling silky smooth.  What else can you ask for in a body wash?!

Badger SPF 30 Plus Baby Sunscreen: I have done my share of research on sunscreen, and this one is my favorite for my child. It is water resistant, protects against UVA and UVB, and is non Nano. I put it on her face, back, and shoulders.  No allergic reactions/rashes.  And it doesn't contain harsh chemicals like some other generic brands do.  Defnitely a great product!

Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil: I take a teaspoon of this everyday.  If you don't like the taste of fish, I recommend the flavored one, I am just so use to it and it's cheaper lol!  Great for your health, heart, mood, bones, and skin.  I get my daily dose of EPA and DHA.  Cod liver oil is such a rich source of Omega 3. It also contains Vitamins D and A.  I have used the brand Carlson for many years. Taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil is equivilent to 10 capsules. This is the best way to take it.

Alba Organics Hawaiian Kukui Nut Body Oil:  Love this for after the shower and also body massages.  My skin is so smooth and nourished after I use this! I love how after I shave I put this on and I really feel like it extends my shave for a couple days.  Smells delicious! You will Love this.  A little goes a long way!

If you haven't shopped on before, try it out! If you use the link below, you will receive $10 when you make your first purchase!  And they accept PAYPAL.  I love using Paypal! I just feel like it is more secure.

 And if you have any products that you love, please share in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for posting those, I love this the detailed reviews you give! I am totally going to try some of those products. I've been wanting to use more natural stuff but there are so many options, it's overwhelming! Thx Luba!

    1. Oh no problem! I love when people share things as well. So I totally understand you!


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