Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outfits and Few Lovely Things

This week has been extra long and I am happy it is the weekend.  My hubs is home and I love watching him play with Masha.  Plus he makes an amazing omelet!  
And here are a few photos of the week and some purchases I made. 
Of course, I added a few lovely things that caught my eye ;)
Enjoy :)
She is such a busy bee.  Learning her letters and coloring.  Can you say "Multitasking"!
Heading to Bone Fish Grill.  Love this Theory Duria top (has definitely been a go to item past few weeks).  The color is gorgeous in person and the silk is high quality.
Ok, I love hats! And this one is AMAZING! By Eric Javits, he knows what he ;is doing :)
I love a wide-brim fedora and the ribbon band adds something extra.  I recently bought a Kate Spade hat and I love it as well.  And I love the patent bow band.  Gorgeous!
I am glad it is Fall.  Yes, in Florida we still have plenty of sun, however Starbucks has started serving the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I am so happy. My favorite go to coffee at home is the Breakfast blend.  What are some of your favorites?
Bonefish Grill:  Pad Thai (BEST DISH EVER) Oh how I have missed Thai food, living in Seattle, I was a bit spoiled with all the amazing asian cuisine.
Outfit from last night.  Sorry it's blurry.  I wore these coated J Brand jeans.  They look like leather.  My hubs asked if they were, lol.  Love the fit & color!
Kate Spade Quilted Bag (Similar Here)
Necklace - Vintage
Outfit I wore recently to the park.
Trouve top - Similar
Kate Spade purse- Similar
Ordered this top by Haute Hippie.  Found an amazing deal via Ebay.  Most important thing in life is love and I thought this top was right on point.  This one is sold out, but here is a similar one.
I have been looking for a good car seat and found a great deal on this one by Safety 1st.  I love the 5-position adjustable headrest which easily accommodates as Masha will grow.  And the color is definitely a plus too.  What girl doesn't love pink ;)  They also come in Black! So if you want a gender neutral one, that is a perfect option.
Happy Moments - Love spending time with Family.  Emily came down from Jax for Victor's bday.  She spent some time with Masha.  I love seeing them together.  She calls her Mimi. 
How cute is that! Ahh, she left today.  Hopefully we will see her sooner than later.
LOVE, LOVE this outfit.  Something I would wear.  Coated Denim, Lace Top (Love this one!),
and those shoes are beautiful.  I'm thinking they are YSL, but I could be wrong.
Finally got my Leopard wedges.  I originally wanted the ones with the heel, but these are so much more comfortable (expecially for running around). 
I painted my nails a deep burgundy/plum color by OPI.  I am loving it!  The name is Mrs O'leary's Bbq.  I normally go with a red or pink color, but when I noticed this one at the salon, it was calling my name.  My mom gave me this ring several rings back and I love it.  Similar one here,
I love this David Yurman one!
I wore this outfit to see Taken 2.  I love the missoni print dress.
Missoni Print Dress - Similar, Another option
Straw Fedora - Similar, Love this one too
Thank you to all my followers! I love hearing your comments and suggestions.   
Till Next Time.
Always Lovely,


  1. love all of your outfits Luba! and Masha is so cute :)

  2. I love the ring and the missoni print dress looks great on you. :)

  3. wow i love your outfits!! thos leopord booties are amazing :)

  4. you are so beautiful and i love your fashion finds.

    your latest follower

  5. thank u for your lovely comment, love your neon shirt, u look really pretty...keep in touch,xx

  6. All these looks are so cute! My favorite is the teal and peach jeans with the wedges. How did you get your hair to stay like that? It looks good!



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