Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years and Masha is 2...

My sweetheart at 9 weeks

I have been absent for about a month.   With the holidays approaching and constant daily demands, blogging was put on a back burner.  I do love coming here and writing what is on my mind and what I have been up to, but recently, my outlet has been spending time with my little Masha.

Miss her chubbiness

As time seemed to creep, her 2nd birthday really got me emotional. I see how much she is changing in front of my eyes.  Literally, everyday is something new with her.  She finally started saying her name! I was in utter shock and wanted to tell the whole world.  She would repeat everyone of her dolls name. 

Galina, Nona, Olga, Dora, Tanya, Anna, Marina

I purposely named them after all my cousins and aunts so when the time came it would be easy for her to say their names, but she would never say her name.  Then after her 2nd bday everything happened at once.  I feel like she grew right in front of me.  And I noticed she needs more play time now more than ever.  And since she is my only child, she is pulling on my skirt to play with her and teach her.  Days are spent reading and coloring.  Learning shapes, numbers, letters.  Playing with puzzles and dressing up like princesses.  She helps with daily chores like folding the laundry and putting away dishes.  She is my companion and I am hers.  She loves being outdoors, twirling and trying to spot the moon (even in daytime she always seems to spot it).  She loves animals and fountains.  The library is one of her favorite places.  We spend hours reading books and making crafts. I limit her tv time to only when I have to take a shower or getting ready.  It gives me motivation to teach and instill qualities in her that I value.  I love Dora, and she can be a lifesaver at times, but I only get so much time with her when she is little, might as well put some effort into it.

And now that she is two, it is definitely harder to do certain things, like say go shopping.  She might stay in the cart for like 20 minutes but then she gets really antsy.  When she was younger, I could go shopping for a few hours at a time no problem.  The daily tasks are changing.  And everyone keeps reminding me about the terrible twos.  We had a few times were it was time to leave, and she threw herself on the floor and screamed.  I have learned to stay extremely calm.  It is harder said than done, and still is.  And if all else fails, put on your favorite sunglasses, pick up child, and walk as fast as you can ;)  I have started disciplining her.  She needs to know right from wrong at an early age.  The meaning of no and time out.  I know all parents have different styles and every child is different.  I believe in following your gut when it comes to raising your child.  And prayer!  There are so many nights after she goes to bed, I sit by her bedside and pray to God about her future.  To protect her and bless her.  I pray that angels watch over her where ever she goes and that they never leave her side.  I speak positive things into my child's life. I pray that God protect her heart and she knows Him from a early age.

 After the school shooting that happened, I couldn't sleep for a few days.  I can't imagine the loss and heartache of the parents and relatives.  It made me want to spend more time with family and be around my daughter even more.  Since I am a stay at home mom, I am always with her, but I know that I can do more meaniful things with her.  Even if I might be tired, taking her outside to kick her ball.  Just simple things that might mean a little bit more effort because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.   I started looking at my priorities and reevaluated what is important in my life.

With the New Year approaching, I am thinking about what are some of my goals for this year upcoming year.  Some of my main ones are making more one on one time with my hubs.  I crave more dates and getaways.  And I also want to work on my relationship with God.  Get to know Him on a deeper level.  Our time on this earth is limited and we don't know when we will leave this earth.  I crave His love and presence in my life.  Also I really want to start saving for Masha's future. Our desire would be to send her to a private school and that requires extra funds.  I pray that my hub's business grows in 2013 and we can start a private school fund for her.  With the world changing in front of our eyes, I am concerned about the school system.  I want to give her the best possible start and that will require sacrifice that I am more than willing to do.

I also want to work on a few habits like toning down my potty mouth!  I know its horrible but its a bad habit a picked up in my early 20's.  It definitely got better after having Masha, but it still needs work.   I'm definitely a work in progress. I want to work on being a better wife for my husband.  Supporting and trusting him on a higher level.  I want to work on my attitude, have a more positive outlook. 

I realize that our first world problems are nothing compared to what people are going through in some other countries.  I want to bless more people this year and I am especially touched by stories of abused children.  My heart breaks in half when I hear them.  I don't know what to do.  I just want to be there helping and hugging all of them.  I want to find a means to bless them.  If anyone knows of any charity organizations that they trust, please comment below.


I want to thank all my readers for supporting me.  Love you and thank you so much for reading my blog!  Hope you found encouragement and inspiration as that is my goal.

Happy New Years to all of you!!

Till Next Time.

Stay Lovely,



  1. Beautiful photos, Luba! You have a beautiful family. Happy birthday to your little girl :)

  2. You have a beautiful family and I have no doubt you will accomplish all of your goals for 2013 and more! Happy new year!

    XO Alex

  3. your sweetheart is an angel~~ Happy New Year!!! xO!

  4. She is so super adorable!!!! I really love that she can spot the moon even in the daylight, somehow that's a beautiful omen. All the best to you and your family in 2013!

  5. Such a lovely family. Beautiful photos :)


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