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Vitacost Order - Organic and Natural Products - Toothpastes, Vitamins, Probiotics, Mrs. Meyers and more...

What a great start to a new year!  I received my Vitacost order with some of my favorite products as well as a few new ones I have been wanting to try.

If you haven't read my last review on Vitacost, check it out here.

Here is a list of products:

Jason Toothpastes:  I am a huge fan!  I love the fact that they don't contain any Sodium Lauryl and are flouride free.  They don't contain preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners, saccharin, and propylene glycol.  Like I mentioned before I have been using this brand for over 4 + years and through Vitacost the prices are lower than most natural food stores.  They leave teeth and gums clean and strong, and my breath stays fresh. 

Jason Kids Only Strawberry Toothpaste:  Love the delicious natural Strawberry flavor!  Masha enjoys brushing her teeth, and I believe in part that it's because the toothpaste actually tastes decent, so she keep coming back.  Like mentioned above doesn't contain all the chemicals like normal toothpastes do, and on top of that also is Gluten and Wheat free.

Jason Sea Fresh Mouthwash: Made with Blue Green Algae.  High in Calcium and protein and antioxidants and let me tell you,  it leaves my breath smelling extra fresh.  It also helps promote naturally stronger teeth.  It doesn't contain Alcohol and Saccharin like other mouthwashes do. 

Yummi Bears Organics Multi-Vitamins:  This is a new product I ordered for Masha.  These are SO yummy!  They are little gummy bears and come in different natural flavors.  Allergen, Gluten, Gelatin, Casein & GMO Free.  It contains 16 essential vitamin and minerals for healthy growth and development.  Helps promote brain, immunity, and bone health.  Most importantly, she actually enjoys taking them! Now I am a happy mama!

New Chapters Probiotic All-Flora Supplements - These boost the immune system and keep the digestive system working properly.  Contains organic vegetables and fruit.  Your body will naturally fight infections, cuts, and illness faster because of having these "good" bacteria working to keep your immune system healthy.  Eat a balanced meal and taking this twice a day will really do a major difference in your life.  I can't recommend this enough!

Jarrow Formula's Baby Jarro-Dophilus Probiotic - I don't even know where to start.  Thanks to Zhanna from, she introduced me to probiotics when Masha was around 8 months.  I was in desperate need of help, and she reached out to me with natural remedies including having my baby girl take probiotic from a early age.  During that time, I was breastfeeding, but my milk supply was not as strong because I was highly stressed (my hubs was also was sick).  I continued to nurse, as well as mix the powder in water.  After fighting her major illness, she didn't get sick for over a year (with the occasional stuffy noise or mild fever from teething).  It strengthens their immune system in public places.  I highly recomment this if your child is in daycare or school around children.  One thing I wanted to point out is I did breastfeed for a quite a bit and I realize that nursing has its own benefits as well as its own probotics.  This particular probiotic has similar "good" bacteria found in human milk. 

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Countertop Spray Lemon Verbena - I am always on the lookout for natural cleaners.  Since I have a toddler, she is touching everything, and I want to use gentle cleaners with naturally deprived ingredients.  The mild citrus scent is quite refreshing and really a pick me up. They took the basic formula of their All-Purpose Cleaner and added a special Vegetable Protein Extract, a naturally fresh way to remove odors from kitchen and bath. When the bottle is empty, simply add two tablespoons of our All-Purpose Cleaner and water, then you’re good to go. Easy and thrifty.  Works great on floors, countertops, walls, porclein, bathroom fixtures, and granite.  One of my new favorites!

If you haven't shopped on before, give it a try.   If you use the link below, you will receive $10 when you make your first purchase!
And they accept PAYPAL too which is my preferred method these days.
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  1. Thanks for this post I am always looking for natural products so I will be checking Jason out!

    XO Alex

  2. Natural products are wonderful because they always have a wonderful scent and feel. I love the feeling of natural toothpaste and you can't beat Mrs. Meyers.

  3. This post have a lot of information that we must have these "good" bacteria working to keep our immune system healthy.And we have a healthy body.


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