Thursday, January 3, 2013

Favorite Baby Items - Sophie the Giraffe and Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps

With a few of my friends being pregnant, I have been shopping for baby items.

Here are a two items that I adore (and have myself) and make amazing baby shower gifts

Lifesaver when Masha was teething.  Don't let the price defer you from buying.  This is the best item I bought for her, she used it every time her little teeth were coming through.  The toy is made out of 100% rubber and uses food grade paint (super safe!)  The French know what they are doing.  And the packaging is adorable.  These actually remind me of the rubber toys I use to have as a child back in the Ukraine.  Very sturdy rubber that lasts a long time.  Can definitely be passed down from one baby to the next.  Great gift for a mommy to be. 


I am the biggest fan of these! Best swaddling wraps out there.  Made out of a breathable fabric that keeps your baby warm when its chilly and cool when its hot.  Love the size as well, 47 x 47.  There is no way Masha was able to squirm out of this one.   I still use these with Masha especially during the spring/summer.  The fabric gets softer with every wash and the prints are gorgeous.  I bought myself two sets of these and let me tell you, I don't ever look back. The boutique version is a tad bit pricier however, its made out of bamboo which makes it even softer.  I remember when I first purchased these, my mom was excited because she mentioned back when I was a baby, she used muslin wraps too.  She didn't know they were still around.  Great baby shower gift, they will thank you later :)

What are some of you favorite baby items that you absolutely cannot live without?  Please share below.

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  1. my baby's 4 months old. Some of my fave items are:;

    - The Woombie
    - A&A wraps
    - The Wubbanub soother
    - Ergo carrier
    - My Babyjogger City Mini GT stroller. I live in Ottawa, Canada and can still stroll through the snow with this strollers wheels.

  2. sophie the giraffe rocks! both 2 daughters fave toys....and they are 3 years apart!! :) genius item! xO!

  3. Great suggestions. My LO loves the Sophie. I also have about 3 aden & anais swaddles on hand at all times. He doesnt take a swaddle anymore but they are great for tummy time or to keep the sun off his new skin! Love your blog!

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award due to your wonderful blog.

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    Well done.


  5. My twins just LOVE Sophie I have had to put pretty leashes on the both Sophie's for when we go for 'walks'!


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