Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to do a little wishlist of items I have been eyeing.  Some of the best gifts are experiences (spa day with the girls, getaway with hubby etc.) What was one of your favorite birthday gifts? 

How cute are these mugs! Perfect for a coffee or tea lover. It would be lovely to have one for each member of our family.
Loving all these beautiful designs.  Can you find your letter? I love how they are all so different.
I can't seem to decide if I should stick with the iPhone or try the Samsung s4.  I do want to try something new.  I guess we will see.  If anyone of you have a preference, please comment below :) I'm curious to see what people prefer.
I have a mint color Tory Burch bag. This one is more roomier though, I would get more use out of it especially with a child.  I'm always carrying diapers, snacks, water, etc. 
I would sell my other one then ;)
Since I'm born in May, my birthstone is emerald.  It's also a hot color for 2013.
I always wanted to own something with my birthstone and this ring is gorgeous.
Ok these are AMAZING! Love Turquoise with a passion.  I'm also loving it in Seafoam.
I want to add these to my book collection.  She is an amazing author.  I highly recommend Atonement Child.  Best book ever!
Thanks for reading!
Till Next Time.
Stay Lovely,


  1. I have those Kendra Scott earrings and they are amazing! You will love them so much :)

  2. Fabulous items on your bday wishlist !! Have a nice Birthday lovely !

    XX Luba

    Beautiful ARMANI bag is waiting for you on :

  3. Great wishlist!
    My dad has the galaxy and he is completely in love but I am more into the iphone (I love the size! not too big and not too small)

    x Mariana |
    twitter: @marianabranicio

    1. Thank you! Yeah the galaxy is a bit bigger. Is the Camera better quality?

  4. Oh, so exciting! Lots of great things on that wishlist. I have the Anthropologie mug and you should get that for sure! I can't wait to see what your family comes up with!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I think it would be fun to collect these cups. They are so darling. Glad you have one to enjoy :))

  5. i love getting books to! its the best! that tory bag is darling!


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