Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Top 3 Favorite Baby Items - Orbit Baby G2 Stroller, Medella Pump, Mustela Newborn Gift Set...

Seems like it's baby season!  So many of my friends just had babies or are pregnant.  I wrote a blog post about my two favorite baby items that would make amazing baby shower gifts.

Here is an addition to that list.  These are my top 3 baby items that I absolutely love and highly recommend!  There are definitely many more and I will do these type of posts periodically.

With all the strollers I have seen and had experience with, this is my favorite!  The 360 rotation is genius. The stroller frame folds compactly, stands alone when folded, and can be towed when folded.  If you have a chance to play around with this stroller, I absolutely  recommend doing so, you will see the difference right away.  It will make your daily life run smoother.  It is made to fit into even the most compact cars.  The eco-certified fabric is luxurious and soft! It is also machine washable which is huge! Babies/Toddlers get messy and let me tell you, it is a pain when you can't just throw it in the wash.  Orbit also offers extra upholstery that can be purchased separately
They come in beautiful vibrant colors.  The car seat has a cushion on the handle and that makes it so much easier to carry.  Orbit Baby thinks about the details and how to make the parents life easier!
Breastfeeding is an amazing gift that we can give to our babies.  The milk is made perfectly for your baby.  It can be frustrating in the beginning and with that many girls quit.  And I don't blame them!  That is why I recommend buying a Breast Pump.  It will help bring in more milk supply that you can store for later use.  Let's say you are returning back to work in a few months.  In that time period, you can pack you fridge with milk.  I am a stay at home mom, and for me pumping is great when I leave her with grandparents.  I don't have to worry about hurrying home when I know she has my milk!  This is the most effective pump I have found because it is hands free and pumps fast! You can buy extra Medela storage bags and bottles.  With breastfeeding it is important to have support and even a breastfeeding specialist from the hospital can help you with the basics.  Within a few months, it becomes like second natural.  We were born to do this however we need help. Luckily we live in a time were we have cool gadgets that make it even easier.  My mom had to manually pump with her hands back when I was a baby! Yes, definitely times have changed! 
I received this gift set from my aunt for my baby shower.  It was my favorite gift!  The diaper cream works better than any other one that I tried. Literally I would put it on my her and the next diaper change all redness was gone. I noticed diaper rashes were prevalent after I introduced her to food.  The newborn shampoo worked amazing.  She didn't have flakes and left her hair silky smooth.  I liked the no-rinse cleanser for the inbetween baths.  To wipe under her neck and cute chubby folds.  The lotion had a pleasant smell and I used it to massage her after her nighttime baths.  Highly recommend!
What are your favorite baby items? 
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  1. I bought that breast pump and also have the Mustela gift set so I'm glad you love both :)


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