Friday, September 27, 2013

29 Week Pregnancy Update and Favorite Dress

Week 29 seemed to fly by but definitely not without excitement.  I passed my glucose tolerance test!!  I went in for my prenatal appointment and that was my only question for my midwife.  She didn't even hesitate and said my numbers all looked great! That literally made my day! As far as my weight, I have gained 15 total, weighing in at 130 lb.  I didn't seem to gain any weight last couple weeks.  My midwife advised me that I will probably gain about 10 more pounds in my last trimester and also might deliver early like I did with Masha. We shall see what happens.  I now have to go in every 2 weeks instead of 4. 

Overall I feel great.  Baby is super active and kicks quite a bit.  I feel myself running out of breath faster though.  Sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down.  I have to sleep with two pillows behind me because I still occasionally have acid reflux, but the milk has been a lifesaver!

Here is a few photos of one of my favorite dresses:


Asos Dress  (Similar here and here, Love this one!)
Henri Bendel Bangle (Love this one)
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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  1. You look great and I love the whole outfit! And good for you for being able to wear those heels prego!


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